“Those 12 Grosvenor words in the contract on inflation saved us £2m”

CIO Thomson Travel



The outsourcing contract (or ‘agreement’) you make with a supplier is an essential tool you will need to have in your arsenal for ensuring that you receive the services you expect at the right cost. How can you be confident that the contract will stand the test of time?

Firm foundation

Whether the contract is for a single Cloud service or for a complex, multi-service and projects outsourcing arrangement, it must record what the parties have agreed is to happen: who is to do what, for whom, when and to what standards; what that will cost; what happens if problems arise, and how changes will be accommodated. Will yours be up to scratch?

It is crucial that this essential document is complete and clear, and Grosvenor can provide the guidance you need to get this right. Download our paper on Contracting for Outsourcing and Cloud Services on this page.


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