“Insourcing with Grosvenor’s assistance: the best ROI we have ever achieved on any project”

MD JP Morgan Cazenove



Outsourcing deals, on contract signature, have often been heralded as saving vast sums while improving the quality of services, but that has not been the eventual experience for every organisation. So, is outsourcing really best for you?

Time to consider

Some organisations have found that they can improve the quality of services, get closer to the business and be more responsive by taking services back in house, whether during or at the end of an existing outsourcing contract. Perhaps it is also time for your organisation to move on?

In order to make this decision and assess the potential risks and rewards, there are many factors to consider. Download our targeted paper on Insourcing Outsourced and Cloud Services to learn more about these from the Grosvenor team.


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