“Our previous supplier consistently failed to achieve its service levels. We used Grosvenor to ensure we received better service and value for money from the replacement supplier”

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Corporate or government policy might require you to retender contracts from time to time or you might want to check that you are getting good value for money before you renew a contract – whatever your reason for retendering, it is an expensive business. So, how can you make the process as successful as possible?

Start early

First, start your preparation early. You’ll have a lot to do, including updating your requirements, going to market, carrying out due diligence on potential suppliers, negotiating a contract and transferring services – which could take 12 months or more to complete.  

You’ll also need to look at how attractive your business is to other suppliers. Other considerations are whether your circumstances have changed, and there are so many more. Begin your retendering journey by downloading our targeted paper on Retendering Outsourced and Cloud Services.


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