“Grosvenor de-risked the specification [from the suppliers’ perspectives] and the bid prices halved”

BPO Manager Ordnance Survey



Going to the market with a formal outsourcing tender can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise, so how can you undertake this process while minimising costs and maximising outsourcing benefits for your organisation?

Structured process

A structured, competitive process is the most effective way to ensure a true understanding of what the market – and each supplier – has to offer. It may even result in a complete change of plan, such as retaining some or all services in-house or renewing existing supplier arrangements.

Whatever the outcome of your research, you need to be sure your decision is made on the basis of clear facts and a like-for-like comparison of options. With this mind, what are the most important things to consider? Grosvenor can take you through the process.  Start by downloading our targeted paper on Tendering for Outsourcing and Cloud Services on this page.


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