“Grosvenor advised us to reorganise our work flows and improve our expertise before spending money on new IT systems. This minimised the costs to beneficiaries whilst making more funds available for them.”

Head of Marketing, CAFOD



Determining the assets and expertise required for, and to be provided by, successful investment programmes is not the hard part. The hard part (and why it is often not done) is changing the ways people work so that they use these new capabilities to create real business value.  How do you avoid spending vast sums on such capabilities only to end up destroying value?

Capabilities only provide the opportunity to create value

The road from Vision to Value requires enterprises to improve themselves on a continuous basis but too often the focus is on spending money with suppliers on goods and services that, for example, result in new systems without identifying how people will exploit them to create value.  What new ways of working will be needed to result in, for example, increased sales for the private sector, higher volumes of donations in the charity sector and improved services to citizens in the public sector? To learn more about how Grosvenor’s Value Management can help your enterprise address these issues, simply download our targeted paper on Capabilities appropriate to your sector.


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