“With Grosvenor’s guidance we were able to prepare much more comprehensive, realistic business cases (including extensive business change costs) which helped track our investments through to value creation.”

Finance Director, BT



With markets changing so rapidly and resources, assets and funds often barely sufficient to deliver the enterprise’s strategic goals, how can enterprises ensure their funds are directed to those investments, particularly IT investments, so that they are maximising value? Once approved, the investment portfolio and individual business cases need to be subject to investment reviews on a regular basis.

Optimising the Investment Portfolio

To achieve their strategic vision, enterprises constantly need to invest in business change but with so many demands on scarce resources, decisions are often made on the basis of he who shouts loudest, vanity projects and inadequate business cases.  Worse, progress with approved investments in business transformation are rarely  re-assessed to verify they are achieving strategic objectives and seldom is benefits tracking (using benefits registers) implemented to prove the enterprise will achieve a positive return on investment, let alone with an ROI greater than the hurdle rate.  If you would like to know about how Grosvenor’s Value Management can help your investment portfolio create increased value, simply download our targeted paper on Investments appropriate to your sector.


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