“Grosvenor helped us identify how to increase our income by £2Mpa by paying a one-off change cost of just £30K.”

Business Area Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council



Successful enterprises  continuously create value. However, other factors manage to erode it, whether through competition, changes in customer preferences or other external forces.  Enterprises, therefore need to seek ways to create additional value but those that are not monitoring investments and steering investment programmes through to sustainable value creation, are likely to be overtaken by others.

From Vision to Value

The journey from the Executive’s original vision to the creation of sustainable additional value requires investments, capabilities, business change and benefits.  Along the way other factors invariably affect the original plan and tough decisions are needed to achieve that value, perhaps via another route.  Without on-going Executive involvement, the value actually created is likely to fall short of what is expected and once the investment has been spent it is too late to avoid value destruction.  If you would like to learn more about how Grosvenor’s Value Management can help your enterprise with selecting investment programmes and implementing them to deliver the additional value needed for it to survive and thrive in these difficult times, simply download our targeted paper on Value appropriate to your sector.


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