“Grosvenor assisted us set up a process for capturing and assessing innovative ideas which the bank is using to improve its profitability.”

Audit Manager, Deutsche Bank



The challenges faced by enterprises today when formulating strategy and how they are going to achieve their vision, are probably greater than they have ever been. Constantly changing global markets and economies, ROI from IT and social media for example, provide opportunities for value creation but also huge risks that poor decision making and execution might lead to value destruction.

Thrive in tumultuous times 

In these uncertain times, many enterprises are nervous about making strategic decisions.  To survive, many enterprises need to change their approaches to strategic decision making, particularly for IT investments, and managing investments through to value creation.  To understand more about Grosvenor’s Vision to Value journey and how Value Management can help your enterprise set and achieve its goals, simply download our targeted paper on Vision appropriate to your sector.


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